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Scoring Software

Canopy Pilot?

We have an app for that.


Scoring Software

Canopy Pilot?

We have an app for that.

Control Tower - Scoring Software


We set out to build a system that provides a better experience for everyone. Making the work easier for the judges means faster scores for competitors and spectators. There are two pieces to the software, the scoring system itself and the results system that everyone sees online. The scoring system is what manages competitors, creates scoresheets, and accepts the information about each competitor's run to calculate their raw score and results. After that, the results are passed off to the results system which is what displays the scores online. For large competitions, we have a live scoring system that delivers scores as competitors touch down during a run. Unfortunately, infrastructure required to implement the live system isn't always available. For leagues, we have home pages for each year to access the meets and standings for the season.


Click on the individual tab and enter your name in the box with the autocomplete.

If you would like more information or want to work with us for your next competition:


Swoop Tools

Swoop Tools

Swoop Tools

Swoop Tools is a suite of web applications targeted at canopy pilots. It features our interactive Zone Accuracy Score Calculator Version 2.0 (rebuilt from the ground up to be easier to use and mobile friendly) and a completely NEW selection of Canopy Calculators.

Zone Accuracy Score Calculator

Figuring out what your score was in zone acc is difficult, remembering the zones and understanding how they add up is difficult.

This app is here to help.

Select the water gates you dragged, the land zone worth the least amount of points that you touched, and whether or not you stood up and the top bar will tell you your score. Reset the course with the red button at the top. Toggle the the "Show Point Values" switch to show what each zone and gate is worth for reference. 

Links to the current FAI rules are at the bottom. Remember you need a land zone and water gate to have a score.

Canopy Calculators

Canopy pilots are constantly thinking about wingloading, weight, and performance results. This tool was built to make these things simple and make dealing with weight conversions as easy as toggling your current unit (kg/lbs). The current line of up calculators are:

  • Allowed weight for CP competitions
    "My exit weight is __, how much weight can I wear?"
  • Wingloading
    "My total weight is __, my canopy is __ ft, what's my wingload?"
  • Weight needed for XRW
    "I need my wingload to be at __. How much weight do I need to wear?"
  • Competition result based on two raw scores
    "The highest raw score was __, my raw score was __. How many points did I get?"
  • Score needed for a desired result
    "The highest raw score was , I want __ points. What do I need to score?"

Feedback and suggestions for new features are always welcome.

Iota Canopy Tracker

Iota Canopy Tracker

Iota - Canopy Tracker

Logan sits down to explain how the tracker works, how she attaches it to the canopy, and why she prefers the iota to another popular tracker called trackimo.

Update: Unfortunately, Iota trackers are currently out of stock but they are working on the next generation tracker that will have features specifically for skydivers.

Hate the idea of losing your canopy after a cutaway? We do too! Team member Logan Donovan has been using a new canopy tracking system since Janurary 2016 and we are happy to share it with the community.

It's super small, waterproof (it's been in the pond at US CP Nationals), and has a 2-3 week battery life. Open the app and it plots your canopy's location on a map for you. Just place it securely in your deployment bag. The best part is that the tracker is only about $70, has no recurring costs, and doesn't require a data plan. Instead, it connects to a base station that creates a 1.0 to 1.5 mile zone around itself when connected to WiFi and can connect to as many tracking units as you want.

The slideshow has an example of the pocket we use to hold the tracker in the deployment bag. We sew it in half and then put a tuck tab on it to hold it in place. Some people have also made pockets with velcro. If you put it in that location you can take out the tracker to change without having to repack the canopy.

The team would like to thank Greg Windmiller of Superior Flight Solutions, Jeannie Bartholomew and Curt Bartholomew of The Alter Ego Project, and Joe Ablen and Jared Zell of Golden Knights CP Team for their help in testing and providing feedback.

We will be releasing a full guide on how to use the tracker so stay tuned.

Logan has invested a lot of time and money in this project so we appreciate if you use the referral link below for all purchases, it's $15 off your first purchase. For orders larger than 4 kits get in touch.