We work with the companies we believe are the best in the business. Their support is invaluable to us as we pursue our goals.






We work with the companies we believe are the best in the business. Their support is invaluable to us as we pursue our goals.


Sun Path PRoducts Inc. - Containers

Sun Path Products is dedicated to offering the finest parachuting equipment for the sport and military markets. We love the comfort and fit their Javelin Odysseys provide for both canopy piloting and freefall. Their numerous options, including semi-stowless deployment bags and skyhooks, make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, the folks there have always made us feel like part of the family and are always available to help with anything we need.

See why we won't let anything else on our back.


Vertical Suits - Jumpsuits

Having a jumpsuit that fits perfectly and flies like an extension of your body changes the way you skydive. Vertical has amazing build quality and functionality in their suits that make them our choice in the tunnel and in the sky. We use Raptor swoop shorts in addition to Viper, Viper Pro, Tunnel Pro, and RW jumpsuits.

Fly the best threads on the planet



larsen and brusgaard - L&B Altimeters

Staying aware of altitude is one of the most important parts of skydiving; that's why it's one of the first things taught to to students. As canopy pilots, we rely on our altimeters to start our turns at the right altitude and make the gates.

We use the guided canopy alarms on our Optima II audible altimeters to have a safer and easier time in the landing pattern. In freefall the elastic arm bands keep our Viso II+ visual altimeters in place no matter what orientation we're in.

Never lose altitude awareness.

SSK Industries

Adam Schmucker and SSK Industries brought us into the family and go out of their way to make sure our altimeters and Cypres' are good to go. They are always available to answer questions too. SSK is the maintenance destination for all things L&B and Airtec in the US.

Keep up to date with SSK.

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Schier Concepts - Gopro clamps

Schier Clamps provide a secure method of attachment and allows for fast and simple adjustment of the GoPro camera angle, replacing the standard thumbscrew. Once you use one, you'll never want to go back.

Make your GoPro usable again.

Skydive Store

Art Sherry and the Skydive Store have been providing gear and great service for years. He has supported Control Tower for a long time and we appreciate his support. He also works with every major skydiving brand and can get you set up with anything you need.

Check out the Skydive Store.


Other Products We Use


Performance Designs

Performance Designs, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of parachutes in the world. Logan and Matt have jumped almost every canopy in their line up at one point or another. They started competing with Velos and Comp Velos and now use Valkyies and Peregrines. There's nothing that gets them more excited than being able to fly these swoop machines. 

Put the best wing in your rig

Airtec GmbH - Cypres AADs

Skydiving is inherently dangerous but, with the right training and equipment, the risks are mitigated considerably. Having the right Automatic Activation Device is one of the biggest pieces of mind you can give yourself. After years in service, their record speaks for itself; a cutter has never failed to cut a reserve closing loop when activated. We jump Speed Cypres' because during swoops we routinely pass the activation speed of a standard Cypres.

Checkout the ultimate backup system


FlySight - GPS Training Tool

The FlySight GPS tracker has changed how we think about swooping. Having data on our speed, positioning, and dive angle helps us quickly identify what works and where we are losing efficiency in our turns. It lets us learn new dropzones, turns, and skills much faster because we know exactly why something happened. The included software makes it easy to quickly access and analyze information. It also has features which can sync with Google Maps and GoPro.

Learn to go faster than ever before.